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The Story of Leila Andrade

„My hearing loss is now a part of me.“


„Taking care of things on my own became difficult.“

Leila lives in Curitiba-Paraná, Brazil. She had been suffering from hearing loss for many years but admits that she wasn’t ready to accept it at first. She always loved getting together with her friends. At some point, however, she realized that it was becoming more and more strenuous to keep up with their conversations. Working full time and having to take care of her children, she was exposed to a lot of situations that required better understanding.

Through her job at the hospital, she got in contact with a hearing care professional at Audium, a member of Connect Hearing Group, who gave her not only hearing aids but also an interesting job offer: She was asked to work at the reception of a new Audium clinic that was to be opened up shortly. Being a hearing aid user herself, the managers at the clinic thought she would be an excellent role model for young people with hearing loss.


„I can now help younger people accept their hearing loss as well.“


Leila can now enjoy many situations with ease, including evenings spent with her friends at the beach or over a glass of wine. She has become very attached to her job and loves coming to work every day because of one purpose: To motivate younger people to overcome the prejudice associated with hearing aids and help them lead happier and more fulfilled lives.